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Paradise on Earth Tour

Enjoy enchanting Santorini as you explore villages lost in time. The little winding streets are the width of two donkeys as this was the guide on how wide to make a street!. Donkeys were the main mode of transport up to twenty years ago! We will meander through a maze of little streets and sugar cube houses. Have your camera’s with you as we will  pass authentic Greek Orthodox churches, mostly family owned and built all differently, and are  irresistibly photogenic. We will pass through the entrance to an old Venetian castle enjoying the charm of the huddled homes, so visually eclectic you could be on a movie set.

Sample a selection of  artisan tastes of Santorini, where home grown produce lovingly prepared enlivens the appreciation of the flavours, an integral part of the experience of Santorini. Extra jars of these tasty morsels can accompany you for your homeward journey as there will be flavours that indeed will delight, so bring some euros for these!

Try the incredible Vinsanto wine, and a few others too, home grown without sprays or being watered, and of a tiny supply. Trampled underfoot the traditional way, the flavour so highly prized this wine left Santorini yester-year bound for Russia, for the Russian Orthodox churches. The Russians let the Santorinian’s fly the Russian flag on their boats so this wine was duly protected with the backing of Russia!

Embrace Santorini Island’s fresh air, deep blue of the Church domes matching the deep blue of the sea, and take photographs to savour to relive this again and again.

For an enchanting adventure available April thru to the end of November the Paradise on Earth tour will be a journey of discovery showcasing the top spots that you are unlikely to locate yourself.

Maximum of six people on the tour.

Wear comfortable walking shoes, wear sunblock and bring water, a light jacket or wrap if the weather brings a breeze which can vary depending where you are.
Includes hotel pick up, or if you are coming from a cruise ship, meet from the cable car at a designated spot and return to hotel or cable car pick up point.

Time: 4.5 hours

Total price (excluding food and drinks):  €295, for 1-4 people

Plus €45 per person, up to a maximum of 6 people.

Optional extra 1: While on your tour a professional photographer will capture you and your unique Santorini adventure. This will be colour corrected, edited to the top shots, dust spotted and sent via dropbox so you can download and email family, and friends your families amazing adventure.The images are all yours to print enlargements, do your own photo books, whatever you choose. Plus €150

Optional Extra 2:

Extend to 5.5 hours for an extra €65.