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Family Adventure

Available from a cruise ship collection near the cable car or from your hotel.


The Island of Santorini was once the place where pirates would visit! Lets go on an adventure safely these days with out pirates but with a little boat journey and exploring some hidden beaches where the pirates once landed (approx 45 minutes). Here we can enjoy some ever changing dramatic scenery, including the famous White Beach and Red Beach. Collect some pebbles and skim them into the water to your hearts content, and endless supply awaits you!


A delicious meal by the sea after your hearty appetite from the fresh sea air encourages you to taste some local Greek fare.


Next stop an adventure through a hidden village with alley ways and hideouts that every explorer enjoys, as it is a one of a kind and sure to delight both young and young at heart.


Now it must be time for ice cream right! Well here we have two cousins who are making some of the tastiest and finest ice cream flavours on the planet, so lets get some, as it’s time for a treat. Now there is one scene that we need to see, it’s well hidden yet it is the scene shown to represent Greece. Where the street is paved with marble we will head off down the side of the caldera  (crater) there are a few steps and here with your camera and the classic Greek church which showcases Greece to the world a family picture will capture this scene for you to cherish.

Time: 4.5 hours

Total price (excluding food and drinks):  €295, for 1-4 people

Optional extra 1: While on your Family Adventure a professional photographer will capture you and your unique Santorini adventure. This will be colour corrected, edited to the top shots, dust spotted and sent via dropbox so you can download and email family, and friends your families amazing adventure.The images are all yours to print enlargements, do your own photo books, whatever you choose. Plus €150

Optional Extra 2:

Extend to 5.5 hours for an extra €65.